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Printer outages are inconvenient and cost your business money. In our goal to reduce your printer support costs, A Laser Recharge has structured its repair and maintenance services to meet your needs. Our certified technicians provide quick on-site service.

Flat Rate Service Fee

A Laser Recharge uses a flat rate service fee. What this means to you is if we take 30 minutes to fix your printer or two hours, our service rate is the same. If you have more than one printer that needs service we charge for the additional printer based on the complexity of the problem.

No Trip Charges

Some companies charge you just to come out to your location. They may even hit you with additional trip charges if they don't have the necessary part to fix your printer and have to return. A Laser Recharge does not use this type of charging. We feel that when we respond to your service call, it is our responsibility to get to you and if we don't have the necessary parts with us, it is our responsibility to get those parts.

Printer Cleaning

Regular printer cleaning is essential for consistent high quality print. A Laser Recharge offers a quarterly printer cleaning plan. Each quarter we will clean your printer and diagnose potential printer problems. We will recommend part replacements to avoid printer outages. If you agree to the replacement, you will only pay for the replacement parts and no labor charge if the replacement is installed at the time of the cleaning. If you elect not to implement the recommended maintenance, when we come out at a later time, our normal  service fee will be assessed.

On-Site Service

For your convenience, we try to service all laser printers at your location. This practice helps to reduce downtime. On occasion, when we do have to bring printers into our shop for repair work, we do so at no additional cost to you.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified to work on all printers. This allows us to perform most work on-site. We take care of opening a case and performing the repair. The benefit to you is that you can get all your service needs performed from one company. This will reduce your costs and the complexity of your printer support.

Reduce Your Printer Downtime

We offer on demand and scheduled quarterly cleaning and printer diagnostic plans. The key to these cleaning programs is the early warning of potential problems and preventative maintenance.

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